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Women in American History

Select the correct answer from the following list and then type it in the answer box. Sojourner Truth, Queen Elizabeth I, Sally Ride, Anne Hutchinson, Rosa Parks, Hillary Clinton, Dolley Madison, Jane Addams, Rosie the Riveter, Abigail Adams, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton.
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She was the first lady during the War of 1812. She managed to save a few things from the White House before the British burned it.
She was an African American abolitionist lecturer who traveled the nation preaching against slavery. She is best known by the unusual name she made for herself.
This queen of England encouraged people to start colonies in the new world. In fact, one state was named for her, Virginia.
She was the founder of Hull House in Chicago whose goal was to help the immigrants settle in America. Many believe her to be the founder of social work in America.
A Puritan woman, she played an important part in a religious controversy that shook the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1636 to 1638. She was forced to leave Massachuetts and later settle in Rhode Island and finally in what was to become New York.
She was a fictional character who worked in industrial jobs during World War II doing heavy work that had formerly been done by men.
She was the wife of an American revolutionary whose letters to her husband are famous. He went on to become the second president of the USA.
She refused to ride in the back of the bus in Alabama in 1956, an incident that jump started the civil rights movement.
She was an important figure in the women's suffrage (voting rights) movement, but died before women got the vote. Her picture was put on a US silver dollar.
She followed behind the battles of the US Civil War to care for the wounded soldiers. She founded the American branch of the Red Cross.
She is the wife of a former president, and served as Secretary of State during the first term of the Obama presidency.
She was the first American woman in space.