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The Science of Sound

Select words from this word bank to answer the questions: pitch, hertz, vibration, decibel, absorption, higher, echo, quality, lower, string, reflection, echolocation, air.
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What makes sound?
In a violin, what vibrates?
If sounds are higher or lower, what do we call that?
Frequency is measured in vibrations per second. The faster the vibrations, the ___________ the sound.
Sound frequency is measured in ______________ .
If a sound wave bounces off a surface, this is called _________________ .
If a sound wave goes into a surface and stays there, it is called _____________ .
Bats can find things around them without seeing them using a form of sonar called ____________________ .
A piano and a trumpet don't sound alike. There is a difference of sound ________________ .
A shorter flute will sound _____________ than a longer one.