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The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

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Who wrote the book?
Where do the Whos live?
In the original book, what color is the Grinch?
Name three reasons the Grinch didn't like Christmas.
What day is it?
What did the Grinch hate besides Christmas?
What was the Grinch's dog's name?
What food was a big part of the Whos' Christmas feast?
How many years had Grinch put up with Christmas?
What was the name of the mountain where the Grinch intended to dump everything?
How high was this mountain?
What were the Whos dreaming at night?
How many times did the Grinch get stuck in the chimney?
What was the name of the small Who who interrupted the Grinch?
What did the Grinch give her?
What was the last thing he took?
What did he take the last can of?
What time did he pack up his sled?
What happened to the Grinch's heart?
What did the Grinch do to the roast beast?
How many hours did the Grinch puzzle before realizing that Christmas was “something more"?