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The Earth Quiz

Use these words to answer the questions below: solar system, sedimentary, planet, ore, gems, mineral, soil, metamorphic, lithosphere, igneous, hydrosphere, geologist, fossil, erosion.
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The Sun and the planets are part of the _________________ .
It may contain weathered rock, water, air, bacteria, or decayed plant or animal material. It is ______________.
The oceans are part of Earth's ____________ .
A person who studies Earth is called a ________________ .
Rock formed under heat and pressure is called _____________________ rock.
___________________ rocks are made of small bits of matter joined together.
What is an imprint of a living thing from the past?
__________________ rock is formed from melted rock material that cooled and hardened.
A mineral containing a useful substance is _____________.
Minerals that are valuable for being rare or beautiful are called _____________