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Find the misspelled word in each sentence and spell it correctly in the answer window. If there is more than one, separate them with a space.
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The car is durty.
Why did the boy hot the ball so far.
The class might have truble with this problim.
Insted of going to the movie, let's play kick the kan.
How hi is the building.
I have a lot of rellitives, but no bruthers or sisturs.
Jason had one absense from school.
We all live in the same appartment on Pine Strete
The men hiked to the artic region and carried a calendor with them.
I climed the tree and got my close durty.
I can't describ to you the despare I felt.
My dad has a goverment job and is hopping to get a promotion.
I wuld like to life on an iland but this is probably not posible.
The dancers put on a great performince, and therefor got paid well.
I kicked the ball rite threw the window.
I reely liked the way you sang that song.
If you are good at quizzes, you might do well in scool.
I was not planing on going to the movy, but if you want to go, I will go to.
It took 90 minites to finish the homework. That is misterius.
He is in the forth grade in his school.