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Poetic Terms 1

These will all be terms used in the art of poetry. Select from this word bank: alliteration, epigram, elegy, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, irony, stanza, couplet, free verse, symbol, blank verse, epic, metaphor, sonnet, rhyme, meter, allegory, connotation, ballad.
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When you repeat consonant sounds. As in I found fresh fish.
A line of poetry in unrhymed iambic pentameter.
A pair of rhymed lines.
A poem that laments the dead.
A long poem that records the adventures of a hero.
An exaggeration
An apparent inconsistency or discrepancy, for example if a character says the opposite of what he means.
A comparison between unlike things without the word "like." For example, "I am a night owl."
The measured pattern of rhythmic accents.
The use of words that sound like what they mean, such as "sizzle" or "pop.