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Only in America

These are groups of people from America. They might be religous, political or social. Use the word The in your answer.
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They are pacifists who came from Switzerland before the American Revolution and have thrived in America despite their isolationist tendencies.
They were a radical armed African-American group begun in the 1960s
They are a religion that began in New York state when their founder discovered some golden tablets containing scripture. They later traveled to Utah.
They came from all over the USA and the world to find gold in California.
They were a religious group from Michigan famous for their long beards, robes and baseball team.
They started in New England and believed in celibacy, religious dance, and fine workmanship.
They are an African-American religious group who adapted a mideastern religion.
They began as a religious commune from upstate New York in the 1800s, and continue today as a giant manufacturer of silverware.
From the 1950s they recited poetry, played bongo drums, wore berets and goatees, and gave their name to a generation.
They started in the late 1960s, took drugs, wore wild clothes, and didn't trust anyone over 30.