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Michigan people and products

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What city is known as "Cereal City?"
Who was the world famous inventor who came from Port Huron Michigan? He invented the light bulb.
What huge industry grew up in Detroit about 100 years ago?
Henry Ford's first car was called the __________ __.
Who was the world champion boxer from Detroit known as the Brown Bomber?
What is the name of the labor union made up of people who make cars?
What is the great Detroit recording studio that became famous for such singers as Smokey Robinson, The Supremes and Stevie Wonder?
What product is West Michigan known for? Hint: you have some in your house.
What food was invented in Fremont by Daniel Gerber?
What is the biggest company in Michigan?
What does the Dow company make?
Which city has the largest Arabic population in Michigan?
What part of the state is known for the Dutch population?
People from Norway, Finland and Sweden settled in the ________ _________.
They are small and red, and Michigan grows more than any other state.
It is small and blue and Michigan grows more than any other state.
It is a crunchy fruit that can be red, green or yellow. Michigan grows more than any other state except Washington. What is it?
What country does Michigan ship the most products to?
What city is known for its Bavarian or German culture?
During World War Two, Michigan was known as the "Arsenal of D_____________"