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Michigan History Quiz Number 2

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Where did the native Americans originally come from?
What foreign country shares a border with Michigan?
Which state touches the upper peninsula?
Which two states touch Michigan on the south?
The first European traders in Michigan came from what country?
An early French missionary and explorer was?
Name the two minerals that were the most important to Michigan's mining industry.
Michigan is halfway between the equator and the north pole. What is the number of the latitude?
Who founded Detroit?
What year did Michigan become a state?
What canal helped to open Michigan to people who wanted to move there from the east?
Was Michigan a slave state?
Slaves escaping slavery in the south passed through Michigan on their way to Canada. This was called the u_________ r_________.
In the US Civil War, what side did Michigan fight on?
What Michigan island is also a national park?
Who was a make-believe character that the lumbering men told legends about?
What kind of tree covered much of Michigan but was cut down for lumber?
What bridge connects Michgan's two peninsulas?
When was this bridge finished?
True or false? Michigan is a state.