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Map Reading

Look at the map below, and use it to answer the questions.
Enter answers into input boxes, then click Grade My Quiz.
What state is the mitten shape?
What is the large body of water at the left?
If you started in Grand Rapids and went straight south, what is the next state you would come to?
Which is further north, Grand Rapids or Detroit?
If you started in Detroit and took I-96 west, what city would you finally get to?
Which is further: a. Detroit to Chicago or b. Lansing to Grand Rapids?
If you started in Ann Arbor and went straight south, what is the next state you would come to?
What foreign country do you think is right next to Detroit?
Guess the distance from the center of Kalamazoo to the center of Portage. How many miles: 1 10 100 1,000
Is Toledo in Michigan?
Which city is closest to the center of the state: Detroit, Lansing, Traverse City?
If the blue represents water, what do you think the green represents?
What highway would you use to get from Lansing to Fort Wayne?
In this map, which city is farthest north?
Flint is what direction from Lansing?
Kalamazoo is what direction from Grand Rapids?
Ann Arbor is what direction from Kalamazoo?
You want to go from Mt. Pleasant to Ann Arbor. First you should go _______, and then go ________.
Is Fort Wayne on the water?
Is Muskegon on the water?