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Jazz Styles

I will describe a style of jazz music. You type in the style selected from the following word bank: dixieland, bebop, fusion, blues, big band, free, cool, swing, ragtime, afro-cuban, brass band.
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A mixture of jazz improvisation with the energy and rhythms of rock.
Also known as Latin Jazz, it is a combination of jazz improvisation and infectious rhythms.
This describes a 12-bar harmonic progression or a depressed state of mind.
More formal music featuring a set instrumentation of 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, and rhythm section.
This style uses syncopated rhythms and is usually performed on piano.
A style starting in the 1930's which used the shuffle rhythms.
A more subdued style coming out of the 1950's, as played by Chet Atkins or Miles Davis.
New Orleans marching bands play this in the jazz funerals or second lines.
Jazz characterized by harmonic complexity, convoluted melodic lines, and frequent shifting of rhythmic accent. Such as played by Charlie Parker or Thelonious Monk.
The traditional style of New Orleans jazz as made popular by Louis Armstrong.
A style that went beyond the limits of the then existing styles such as swing or bebop.