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Environmental Impact

Three ways to help save the environment are to conserve, reuse or recycle. Use one of these concepts to answer each question.
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You feel like throwing out your old sweater because it is too small. You give it to your younger sister instead.
You take your old tin cans and turn them in to people who melt them down to make new cans.
Your food comes in solid plastic containers. You use these to store your nuts, bolts, beads and other objects.
You turn down the temperature on your home thermometer.
Old paper is turned into home insulation.
You drive slower so you will use less gasoline.
You sell your old car to someone who will continue to drive it.
You turn in your soda cans at the grocery store.
You receive a package in which packing peanuts were used. You use these packing peanuts when you send out your own packages.
You buy products that are made locally so they don't have to be shipped long distances.