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Energy Quiz

Use these words to fill in the blanks. You might not use all the words, or you might use some twice. solution, acid, convection, mixture, radiation, litmus, heterogeneous, chemical, pH scale, base, kinetic energy, potential energy, physical
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It contains more than one element. These are blended completely. It looks the same everywhere. It is a _____________.
A mixture that is not completely blended is said to be ________________.
Mix two materials together and you get a ________________.
If you mix salt and pepper together, you would get a _________________.
If matter changes size, shape or state without changing identity, this is called a _______________ change.
When atoms link together in new ways, this is called a ____________ change.
Vinegar, orange juice, and lemon juice are examples of ________________.
Baking soda is a ____________.
One way to see if something is acid or base is to use __________________ paper.
One measure of acid or alkalinity is the _________________.