Ecosystems - Online Quiz -


Use these words to answer the questions: food chain, omnivore, precipitation, abiotic factors, population, ecology, niche, evaporation, community, predator.
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A ____________ includes all the members of a single species in a given place.
Something that eats both plants and animals is a ___________________.
________________ is the process in which liquid turns into a gas.
A ___________ is something that hunts for food.
____________ is the study of how living and nonliving things interact in order to survive.
All populations have a unique ________ in their habitat.
Rain, snow, sleet and hail are types of ____________.
Water, minerals and soil are examples of _________.
Oak trees, deer and mice are all part of the _____________ of the forest.
A ________________ shows how energy moves from one organism to another.