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Multiple Choice: Easy Geometry

Select the correct answer from those listed.
A rectangle has four corners that are ______________ .
equal and opposite
right angles
larger or smaller, depending
A square must have four corners that are right angles and
all sides equal in length
two sides equal in length
three of the four sides equal in length
A square is a rectangle. True or False
The perimeter of a rectangle is.
The length of all four sides added together
The length of two sides added together
The length of the longest side
The number of squares that will fit inside
A right triangle must have three side and one corner must be __________________ .
a guardian angel
a 30 degree angle
at least four angles
a right angle
To find the perimeter of a triangle.
find the longest side
add the length of all three sides together
add up the length of all the sides and divide by three
It is the length of the longest side.
Which of the following is NOT a practical use of geometry
tormenting students
The area of a figure is ____________ .
the total of all four sides added together
all the space outside it
the total of all the angles
all the space inside it
Which formula will help you find the area of a square?
A = a times 2
A = a squared
A =A squared plus B squared.
A = a+ a + a + a
What tool can you use to see if an angle is a right angle?