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Colors - 6

Your answer will be a one word color.
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Looking at life through ______ colored glasses.
Don't fire until you see this part of their eyes.
English army unit, The Black and ______.
Military tanish-greenish color
A venemous pit viper from North America.
He wore tan shoes, pink shoe laces, and a big panama with a _______________ hat band.
The artist formerly known as Prince
The hills of South Dakota
Used in Chinese carving
A group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean
When you fail to make a profit
The place you hit the ball into the cup
He wrote Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.
The color of Viagra
Duct tape
A cat in a coal bin at midnight
Barefoot boy with cheeks of ____ .
Navy summer uniform
Your brain
Nevada, the _________ state.
The Detroit Wings