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Colors - 5

Your answer will be a one word color.
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A type of zig-zag shears
The canine retreiver
Jaws shark
A huge island mostly glaciers
The fruit grown in Michigan
Queen of England for 9 days, she was beheaded. Lady Jane.
The color hunters wear
Photosynthesis makes things this color
A big bird, the great _______ heron
Moby Dick
A reddish color named for a type of metalic oxidation
A dark red color used to tone photographs
Jason and the Argonauts were on a quest for a fleece of this color.
The rose of Lancaster
The rose of York
The city in Oz
The color of Georgia's fuzzy fruit
Strauss' Danube Waltz
Blood sausage is also known as this color pudding.
A blue-green gemstone often worn with silver
Your smallest finger
An intrusive wild flower
The stock market crashed on this Monday.
Mary Kay saleswomen were rewarded with a Cadillac.
A celestial object from which nothing escapes, not even light.