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Color - 3

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A very dull color for military use
The red your computer printer uses
A brownish-red hair color
A house where you grow plants
Moses parted this
Economics, the _________ science.
Not his pink period, but Picasso's
Mardi Gras color, not purple or green
Movie: The Color ___________
Movie: Pretty in ___________ .
A style of black and white movie. Film _______ .
The ___________ Pimpernel
The color of bazooka gum
The color of an infamous meat product slime.
An early James Bond movie
Non-descript wall color.
The ____________ Rose of Texas
M*A*S*H pill
The color of Pinot Noir
The girl and 7 diminutive miners
Once in a ________ moon
What color was that itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny polka dot bikini?
A style of jazz music.
A blue-violet color named for the plant dye of the same color.