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Color - 8

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What color was Grinch in the cartoon?
The color of egplant skin.
Another name for scallions.
You see these men when you are hallucinating
Iron pyrite, you fool.
This is a tropical fever spread by the bite of a female mosquito..
This infectious disease most commonly affects 4-8 year old children. Symptoms include sore throat, fever and a rash. In the past it could be fatal, but it's now treated with antibiotics.
Bubonic plague.
Praying mantis.
Carrara marble used in many of Michelangelo's statues.
Harpo's hair.
The sea north of Turkey.
She was prime minister of Israel.
Henry Ford said you can have any color car you want as long as it is _____________ .
Babe the ox.
Minnesota Gophers.
Robin's egg.
ING trademark color
IBM trademark color
Coca-Cola trademark color
A song and the film of the same name that became a jazz standard after Miles Davis recorded it in 1954.
The girl gang in Grease.
Cheerios box
Dr. Seuss had a book about ham and eggs.
A rock-a-billy song about shoes written by Carl Perkins in 1955. Also recorded by Elvis Presley and many others.
The little _____________ dress.
What color is Barney.
A gang of bootleggers operating in Detroit in the 1920's
A song about the sweet girl from Georgia.