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Animal Classes - 1

I describe the class, you type in the correct answer from the following word bank: mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and arthropods
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These have scales but no fur, are cold-blodded, and have ear holes instead of ears.
These have feathers and wings, lay eggs and are warm blooded.
This class gives birth to live young, has hair or fur, and is warm blooded.
These breathe underwater using gills, they have scales and fins, and they lay eggs
These are born in the water. When they are born, they breath with gills like a fish. But when they grow up, they develop lungs and can live on land.
This is the class of animals that has more than four, jointed legs
What class is a frog in?
What class is a dog in?
What class is a spider in?
What class is a Blue Jay in?