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American History Trivia - 4

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Where were the infamous "Witch Trials?"
Which state is two peninsulas?
People came from the Acadia region of Canada to Louisiana. Their ancesors became known as ______________.
A great potato famine in this country about 1850 caused about a million people to come to America. What was this country?
This major grain crop is native to America.
Who was the American revolutionary who came up with the ideas for the iron stove, bifocals, daylight savings time and the lending library?
William Randolph Hearst was a giant in what industry?
Who was the American Olympic champion whose winning ways made Hitler uncomfortable at the 1936 Olympics?
This is the only state formed when several counties seceded from their confederate state.
Several pairs of US Presidents shared the same last name. How many such pairs were there?
The fastest growing segment of the US population is?
This book by Upton Sinclair exposed the plight of meat workers in Chicago and may have contributed to the labor movement.
Which labor union did Walter Reuther bring to prominence?
Which war ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month?
The above day is now Veterans Day. What was it originally called?
What segment of the population is honored with a national holiday in September.
Where was the shot heard round the world?
What invention is Eli Whitney famous for?
Which has a greater population in the USA: people or cattle?
What is the largest native land mammal in the USA?