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American History Trivia - 2

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The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the USA from what country?
What city is the State of Liberty located in?
Many immigrants came through a facility in New York. What was its name?
What was a major crop in the south 150 years ago that required much human labor and also depleted the soil?
A large group of people rushed to California in 1849 looking for what?
What part of Alaska experienced a rush beginning about 1896?
Originally Indian Territory, it later was settled by the general population following a land rush in 1889. What state?
What expedition took place in 1804 - 1806 to explore the extent of the American continent?
Which president sponsored the above expedition?
People rode covered wagons in wagon trains to the US west. What were these wagons called?
What was the canal that went from Albany to Buffalo?
What style of music, original to America, originated in New Orleans?
What region is located between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains?
Where in the US is 20% of the world's fresh water located?
What is the lowest point in the western hemisphere?
Where are the Black Hills?
This was a giant federal project in the 1930's that provides electric power in California, Arizona and Nevada.
This national park is home to the incomparable valley.
Who was the first president to serve more than two terms?
Which president was never elected by the US people?